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Providing the ergonomic comfort of a laptop, chassY is the world's first modular stand configurable to support any combination of tablets, portable gaming consoles, phones and keyboards.

Depending on where you are working or playing, simply slot the Cross Spars into the appropriate holes that extend along the Rails, and then fit the short, medium or large Rests to support your devices. Now crack on comfortably! Move position?, say from sofa to bed or car, adjust chassY as per the illustrations below, or your way.

chassY on lap

chassY in lap mode supporting an 11" iPad Pro* and wireless keyboard

Each chassY component has a unique part number embossed on it to help with assembly and ordering spares. Here the Tall Rests (Part Number 07) are used to support a tablet (such as an iPad) at an angle suitable for comfortable viewing. The holes along the Rails (01) allow the Cross Spars (03) to be inserted at the optimum position for your ergonomic comfort.

That's clever! I'll have one.
- Apple Store customer, East Sussex, England

*chassY can handle all iPads, Surface Pro models and other tablets up to 13" and 1kg.

chassY in bed

Finally, tablet and wireless keyboard can co-exist in bed without flopping over, as happens when using some conventional tablet cases

This is great, better than the flexi arm I used to hold my iPad up in bed.
- Sales manager, Currys (Electrical), England

chassY configured for use at an angle (with your knees up) supporting a tablet and wireless keyboard.
Here, the Medium Rests (06) ensure the tablet is at the ideal angle for viewing rested against your raised knees. The orange Short Rests (05) keep the keyboard in place. If you work or play in bed with your knees down, then attach the Tall Rests (07) to position your tablet at a higher viewing angle.

Surface Pro 9 on chassY

Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet, Dell XPS 13 and other kickstand equipped device users, rejoice!

Although ergonomically superior to laptops for creativity, where kickstand tablets fall down, literally, is on your lap. Thanks to chassY, you can now get productive on your comfiest chair or sofa.

By closing your device kickstand, chassY positions your tablet and keyboard further back over your knees for an ergonomically superior typing experience. With the extension Rails (01), chassY is long enough to accommodate the tablet plus Signature, Type Cover, Flex or other keyboards with trackpads.

chassY in car

Fit the Medium Rests (06) as shown to support your tablet, resting chassY against the steering wheel. Place your keyboard on your lap. If need be, move the car seat back for more elbow room to type. Need we say, do not chassY whilst driving!

ERGONOMICS TIP: To reduce neck strain, position your tablet such that your line of sight is directly towards the centre of the screen with your head straight.

Compact chassY

Samsung Galaxy Fold5 resting on a chassY in compact mode

To support your phone or tablet for media consumption, dock or store the unused extension Rails (01) and other components. Rest your device in the grooves on top of the Rails.

High street retail
Thanks to the open design, chassY offers an affordable manner in which to present devices that are secured, without disrupting the customer experience. By carefully positioning the chassY rests, your staff can ensure security locks attached to the rear of the tablet do not affect the screen angle.

Best of all, customers may enquire about chassY itself for their own use, offering your store an additional source of revenue.

chassY  exploded view

chassY exploded view with part numbers shown. These are embossed on each chassY component to assist with identification and re-ordering spares.

The Spacer Jokers (08) are multi-purpose components, one use of which is to extend an aft (rear) Cross Spar (03) for those with extra wide laps.

Frequently Asked Questions
What devices is chassY compatible with?

Any iPad, from Mini to the new 13" OLED iPad Pro.

Any Android or Windows tablet up to 13"

Any mobile/cell phone

All Microsoft Surface Pro and other kickstand equipped tablet PCs

All tenkeyless (TKL) wireless keyboards

All Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS etc kickstand tablet PC keyboards

Can chassY be dismantled or modified to suit a different setup?

Absolutely! That is what chassY is all about. Move to a different position, say from lap to bed, or from car to lap, simply re-arrange the Spars and Rests to create the most ergonomic arrangement for your devices. If you don't need two Rails joined together, simply decouple them and store the unused Rails in the shipping container, or dock them, as shown in the images above.

Can a cased device be mounted on chassY?

Yes. However, if the case adds excessive depth to your tablet, phone and/or keyboard, then you may need to use the Medium Rests (06) rather than the Short Rests (05) or Rail (01) grooves to support the front edge of your device(s).

Can a laptop be mounted on chassY?

No. chassY is not designed to support devices that weigh more than 1kg and those that get hot on the underside, this may damage some chassY components. Further, chassY has specifically been designed to re-create the benefits of a laptop for tablet users by uniting the screen and keyboard in a form factor that is ergonomically beneficial to your posture and productivity.

Features summary
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(With Extension Rails and Tall Rest fitted)

The Short Rests & Mini Spars are quite small (20 x 10 x 5mm & 40 x 5 x 5mm) and could pose a choking risk to small children and pets. Please keep any unused components in the shipping container, and if little ones want to play with chassY, say, assemble or 'dismantle' it, hide the small components first.

In the box
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chassY is shipped ready to assemble in an eco friendly reusable cardboard container - without any nasty plastic bags. Travelling? Dismantle chassY and use the container as a handy protective carry case.

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West Sussex

Beats + Eats
85-87 Montague Street
BN11 3BN

07534 381 545

Faj Communications Ltd
60 Goring Road
BN12 4AD

07415 618 514

Phone Fix
130 Montegue Street
BN11 3HG

01903 215 090

Support & Enquiries

Got a chassY alreadY? For instructions, see the chassY PiCard. For support, spare parts or reseller enquiries, contact YAIR and we will reply surprisingly quickly, in person. No spam. No call centre. No 'AI' chatbot.

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