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Introducing the world's first modular stand that you can configure to suit various combinations of tablets, phones and keyboards. Want to use your iPad or portable gaming console in bed, but the keyboard slips towards your torso, hindering productivity or entertainment? Surface Pro or other kickstand tablet not quite fitting on your lap? Working on a hilltop away from it all in the car using your tablet, but cannot position it comfortably? YAIR chassY has you covered. And it works!

Proven effective with various combinations of devices and keyboards, chassY is equally invaluable on your lap, where the included tall risers position your device at the ideal angle for ergonomic comfort. For reliability, chassY has no complex components or hinges liable to wear out or break.

In bed
This is great, better than the flexi arm I used to hold my iPad up in bed.
- Sales manager, Currys (Electrical), England

chassY bed mode illustration

Gravity keeps your tablet from falling forward in bed.
If you lower your knees, then insert the included tall risers to position your tablet at the correct viewing angle.

chassY in bed mode

Finally, tablet and wireless keyboard can co-exist in bed without flopping over, as happens when using some conventional tablet cases. Visible below the keyboard, the included snap on extension/'belly' bars position chassY further up your thighs for ease of typing.

Lap liberation

chassY on lap

chassY can also position your tablet and keyboard at the optimal angle for lap use

chassY on lap

Kickstand tablets stabilised

chassY supporting a Samsung Galaxy Fold5 without a keyboard

Surface Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet and other kickstand equipped device users rejoice!

You can now get productive on your comfiest chair or sofa, without UTS (Unstable Tablet Syndrome). By closing the kickstand, chassY will support your tablet and keyboard such that both can be positioned further back over your knees for an ergonomically superior typing experience.

You'll wonder how you coped BC.

(Before chassY.)

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 on chassY

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 on chassY

In the car

chassY in car

Adjust the rests and/or risers to suit and prop chassY up agains the steering wheel, resting your keyboard on your lap. If need be, move the car seat back for more elbow room to type.

chassY + narrow screens

iPad in portrait mode on chassY

chassY can also support mobile phones, or tablets in portrait orientation, such as this iPad Pro 11"

chassY supporting a Samsung Galaxy Fold5

chassY supporting a Samsung Galaxy Fold5

No keyboard?

chassY supporting a Samsung Galaxy Fold5 without a keyboard

Adjust the position of the chassY risers and rests to bring your device screen closer.

chassY supporting a Samsung Galaxy Fold5 without a keyboard

Don't need the extension bars? Flip them around and dock conveniently on the forward cross spar, so you never lose them. Likewise, unused risers can be stored as shown. If you take chassY with you somewhere assembled, pop the rests in the shipping tube, so they don't get lost
I love using it to play Fortnite on my Switch when I’m sat on my bed.
- Eloise (12), West Sussex, England

Nintendo Switch on chassY

chassY is great for kicking back with your Switch, Steam Deck or other portable console.
In bed, the extension bars keep your device at the perfect viewing distance. Move the risers and rests to adjust the position and angle. Add a keyboard if your console supports it, chassY can handle it!
(FORTNITE is a trademark of Epic Games, Inc., All Rights Reserved.)

How quickly can you assemble a chassY?

chassY assembled showing part numbers

chassY assembled with part numbers shown. These are embossed on each chassY component to assist with identification and re-ordering spares.

chassY assembled showing part numbers

Start by inserting the cross spars (2, 3 & 4) into one of the main spars (1). For full assembly instructions, see the chassY PiCard.

Features summary
In the tube

chassY is shipped in a cardboard tube

chassY is shipped ready to assemble in an eco friendly reusable 240 x 50mm cardboard tube - without any nasty plastic bags. Travelling? Dismantle chassY and use the tube as a handy protective carry case.

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Why not buy an extra chassY to keep assembled by your bed or sofa, and take the other with you in its shipping tube for travel?

YAIR chassY dealers
West Sussex

Faj Communications Ltd
60 Goring Road
BN12 4AD

07415 618 514

Phone Fix
130 Montegue Street
BN11 3HG

01903 215 090

Support & Enquiries

Got a chassY alreadY? For instructions, see the chassY PiCard. For support, spare parts or reseller enquiries, contact YAIR and we will reply surprisingly quickly, in person. No spam. No call centre. No 'AI' chatbot.

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