Hack it from within, that is.

Many have considered the possibility we're all living in a simulation - one of our founders included. A simulation of what original reality you may well ask? Either way, we have an endeavour for you philosophers, scientists, coders, geeks, atomic tinkerers, thinkers and so on: Consider that a video game developer has the power to take any object in their artificial world (within a world?) and apply basic mathematical transformations to move it elsewhere. For example, use Unreal Engine or UNITY to instruct a 3D model of a tree to instantly move to another location on an island. Well, imagine if you, oh sentient AI, could do that to a 'real world' object, such as a fellow human, hulking great big aircraft carrier or even a space craft? No more legs, wheels, wings or engines required! Just teleport from A to anywhere in the 'Universe' - instantly. One moment you're in a capsule on Earth, the next, in orbit above the stunning clouds of 'Jupiter'.

If we are in a simulation, then whilst sensations like pain and the requirements to breath air are part of the Matrix like sensory illusion, that does not proclude the possibility of applying the equivalent of a 3D geometry transformation to self or other allegedly tactile object using whatever minuscule sorcery powers our reality. A little bit like Neo when he believes.

So, go think how you could break from within, into the 'code' that governs the operation of the Universe - and take control.

If you're not yet ready to try a practical experiment such as transporting that mug on your desk to a nearby bookshelf or the kitchen table of an about to be mystified colleague the other side of the world, let us know your thoughts on how it could be done via hi AT yair.energy. If it's not too out of the realms of possibility we'll add your thoughts below. We won't share your details or spam you (not the YAIR way), this is just a funteresting challenge to encourage some deep thought and discussion. And maybe save billions on constructing engines...

(Remember, there may not be a spoon.)



One of our own team has suggested the answer may lay within our own thoughts that are distinct from the 'physical' world.

Consider the influence you can have over seeding your dreams or considering them an analysis of your actual life. Try wishing for something in a dream, and see if at some point in the future it comes to fruition.

This is not too far removed from how Jedi harness The Force in Star Wars, or in earlier fantasy novels, how characters deploy spells to also affect the physical world around them. However, in the case of the YAIR Hack The Universe Challenge, Ryan is proposing you use your semi-subconcious mind to affect your perceived reality, not necessarily affect reality whilst awake by manipulating 'matter'.

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