Years in the making, YAIR have designed the Net Zero future of the distribution, sale, storage and dispensing of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), in particular food, drink and some pharmacutical products. All with the health, safety and convenience of you and your home world the primary value proposition. Contain Yourself!®

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REKARRY International food allergen codes

To help reduce the risk of accidental harm to your customers, YAIR have devised the REKARRY International Food Allergen Codes, as shown below, with a focus on the two digit numbers on the right. As a memory aid, these closely represent specific characters of each allergen as they would appear on a telephone keypad. The aim is for the public to become familiar with the number(s) associated with their specific allergy or allergies. Numbers work across languages, are easy to share and write down, and less likely to be misinterpreted than iconographic symbols.

Although the codes are being integrated into our own REKARRY products and services, we welcome the following in adopting the codes too:

Display the appropriate code on packaging, price labels, menus and so on - ideally within a red or black warning triangle. To suggest additional codes, please contact us.

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