WayPad gaming

Fig 1 - Gaming on WayPad

March 28 2021 - Originally designed by our founders in 2003, the WAYPAD was literally way ahead of it's time. Featuring an elegant book shaped all-in-one design that incorporated a large wide screen, gaming joysticks, shoulder buttons, side mounted user configurable tactile strips and an active stylus that slots into the spine that itself features a secondary curved OLED display running down it. One design option featured removable controllers.

The pop out stylus would allow you to get creative when away from the battlefield, whilst the comfortable curved spine also lends the WAYPAD to being a practical eReader.

Heat dicipation is one of the biggest problems with high performance mobile gaming devices. Fortunately, YAIR have devised a design that should alleviate this whilst keeping the WAYPAD pocketable, if we decide to bring it to market.

WayPad PiCosm Profile

Fig 2 - Click the image above to take the 2003 WayPad for a spin
(Spot the 2020S gameplay addition!)

2003 WayPad

Fig 3 - Original 2003 WayPad concept by Alex Blok and Alan Whiting

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