"Artwalker opens a whole new realm for the art-loving arm chair traveler!"
- Melanni Serafin (Corporate Communications, Oracle Corporation)

Artwalker postcard

"...the Artwalker project is the best art related site I have found. Keep it up. Fantastic web site."
- B. L. (Litchfield Galleries)

3D Artwalker location callouts

In the next revision of Artwalker, discover and acquire landscape art by interacting with the Earth in 3D, keyword searching or even use your mobile device to find artworks of scenes in your immediate vicinity.

"Love it! Love it! What a great idea for artists and art lovers both!!!"
- C. Nevaquaya

Navicons for exploring an Artwalk

The ingenious Artwalker Navicons allow you to virtually explore a location such as a historical town centre or beautiful valley via interconnected artworks of that area. In this example, clicking the LEFT arrow Navicon would display a painting or drawing of the view to the left of your position. At any scene, if pictures are available from other artists or in different mediums and/or time periods, then these can be viewed and acquired in various formats from digital download to print. The Navicons can be hidden so the art can be appreciated as intended by the artist.
Painting of Montemarte © Nicollas Verrall.

"What a great idea -- finally landscape artists have a place to call home -- home is that place of infinite support and love!!"
- Jan Kirkpatrick (Wilderness Images)

Video - Using Navicons to explore scenes within the 1990s version of Artwalker

"This is a beautiful endeavour"
- Julian of Maria Luisa Ugolini Bonta Gallery

Artwalker Block Diagram

Artwalker Platform Block Diagram (YD-74-72-72)

Galleries and scenic/landscape artists, THE ARTWALKER PROJECT finally makes online art compelling. The artist and art lover membership profiles are powered by the privacy centric identity management module of the PiCosm platform.

For enquiries, contact us.

"Very interesting - very creative. It certainly does look good on a television !"
- Stuart Read


1996 Version of Artwalker (Some links may be broken)


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