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Satisfied customers can now conveniently exchange accurate manufacturer managed information on a specific item or SKU, whether a loaf of Schneider Brot wholegrain rye bread (Pi 97 01 23 43 50 58), a Milltek exhaust for a 2012 VW Polo GTi 1.4 (Pi 91 85 13 06 50 96), a Spigen case for a Samsung Galaxy Fold5 phone (Pi 91 56 94 24 88 57) or any other branded product.

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Features & Benefits

PiCOSM Product Profile Preview

Click the image to view and interact with the PiCard for this conceptual portable gaming console

(Manufacturers - The PiCosm APi* allows you to embed and style dynamic product data in your own and reseller websites. The PiCard, as shown at the link above, is a preview of all data for each product and remains active permanently, whether or not you take advantage of the APi.)

Comprehensive field list

PiCosm gives you full control over the fields to include in each Product Profile, as shown below. The fields you select will depend on the product category. For example, if listing an electronics product, Specification will probably be appropriate, but not Ingredients - the latter suited to a food product.

Manufacturers - Any of the above fields can be included in each Product Profile
How PiCosm works
PiCOSM Product Profile Block Diagram

Block Diagram of the PiCosm Product Profile platform
  1. Your company or legally appointed agent signs up for PiCosm. If your company is composed of several divisions or locations, then it is recommended that each signs up for their own PiCosm account and uses it to manage Product Profiles associated with that division. During the signup process, you will get to choose or have assigned a unique 1 to 12 digit Pi to identify that location or division of your company. A Pi (Presence identifier) can be associated with a location or individual, not just a product.
  2. Select the Product Profile option.
  3. After verifying your account, and if already logged in, create a profile for your first product by selecting ADD > ITEM from the MustDash navigation header at the top of the page.
  4. Select which fields you require for this product from the yellow SELECT FIELDS FOR THIS PROFILE drop down menu, as shown below.
  5. PiCosm Product Profile Field Selector

  6. Fill in the fields as appropriate. PiCosm allows up to six 2D images or one 3D model of your product in GLTF format.
  7. Once done, select SAVE at the top or base of the form.
  8. To hide a specific product profile from public view, select VIEW > PRODUCTS from the right drop down menu in the MustDash navigation header. A table of your listed products will appear. The small eye icon allows the visibility of that product to be toggled on or off.
  9. To view a profile for one of your products as the public will see it in the standard PiCard format, visit https://picosm.com/x where x is the unique Pi for that item, or click the Pi in the table view.
  10. A keyword search can be made in the search field whether logged in or not, as shown below in logged out mode.
  11. Keyword searching PiCosm

  12. To embed Product Profile data external to PiCosm, such as your company website and/or a reseller ecommerce system, requires an understanding of the PiCosm APi. Please contact us for details. Once you build your own PiCosm powered property such as a product specification table on your corporate website and/or that of a reseller, when any changes are made to the Product Profile within PiCosm, they will be reflected externally too. Even without use of the APi, the PiCard for each of your products remains active permanently, even if the product is retired.

Example Pi on a product

Displaying its Pi (Presence identifier) on your product, packaging, web page & documentation helps customers recommend the product to others and will be equally invaluable to support staff, the media and researchers. Resellers, display the Pi for each product on your in store labels so customers can lookup the spec directly, ensuring less likelihood of a costly return.


Alex (Pi 25 39)
Concept & Design (Via YAIR)

Simon (Pi 64 38)
Business Development

Ryan (Pi 79 26)
Lead developer

Brandon (Pi 13 77)
3D Modelling


Submit a product

Manufacturers and publishers

To create a demo profile PiCard for your product(s) for free, complete this form in full for each product. For further information on the invaluable PiCosm APi* and adding a 3D model of your product(s), contact our technical business development team.

After each Product Profile is created, PiCosm will email you its unique numeric Pi (Presence identifier) and URL to share or embed in your content. No newsletters or follow up communications will be sent.


To suggest a product to share with your contacts, enter as many details as you can here. We will then send you a link to its profile.

*APi will require a subscription

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