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Making product data as easy to share as a phone number

Use cases - Resellers - Consumers - Manufacturers & Publishers


"Hey, I love your EV, what is the range?" "Me too, it's amazing to drive. You can view the full spec in an easy to read format on its Product PiCard at picosm.com/975221689751." "Ah, thanks!" "No worries, the PiCard is permanent, so that Tesla Model 3 spec will be there forever."


"Your exhaust sounds great mate, what make and model is it?" "Thanks, it’s a Milltek, check it out at Pi 91 85 13 06 50 96." "Oh fantastic, that will save me having to trawl throught their website to find your exact exhaust!"

Yum yum

"Sue, do you remember that low glycemic index rye bread I was telling you about?" "Oh yes?" "It's from a German company called Schneider Brot. The ingredients and alergens are shown clearly at Pi 97 01 23 43 50 58. Head to PiCosm.com and punch in that number, or follow the link direct and the PiCard for the bread will pop up."

Pi on product

Manufacturers and publishers, displaying its unique numeric Pi (Presence identifier) on your product, packaging, web pages, marketing materials & documentation helps satisfied customers reliably share details on your product with others, increasing sales. This will also be invaluable to the media, service technicians and researchers.

Tapity tap

"Do you ever use your iPad in bed with an external Bluetooth keyboard? It's a nuisance because the iPad flops over or slides around, and the keyboard is hard to position for comfortable typing too. I wish there was a stand that could support them both." "There is Steve! It's called chassY. Look it up by doing a keyword search on chassY at PiCosm.com." "Oh yes, here it is at Pi 91 55 22 01 38 19. Brilliant!, that is exactly what I wanted. Cheers!" "Pleasure."

Protect & scribe

"Pete, did you know there is a futuristic case from Spigen for your precious Fold5? It features a slot for the S-Pen too." "Oh?, I had looked online but couldn't find one I liked." "Ah, check it out at Pi 91 56 94 24 88 57. I know you are hard of seeing, so to switch to a light theme, click the paintbrush Toggle PiCard theme icon at the top of the PiCard. To buy the case from Amazon, click below LINKS."

Resellers / Retailers

Display the Pi for your stock items on store labels so customers can look up the spec there and then without the hassle of inconclusive web searches. PiCard data is sourced directly from manufacturers, so guaranteed accurate, reducing the chances of a return. Can't find a product in PiCosm? Let us know and we'll get back to you with its Pi pronto.


To suggest an unlisted product to share with your contacts, enter as many details as you can here. We will do the rest and send you a link to its PiCard.

Manufacturers & Publishers

Find an error in your product profile, contact us, including the Pi ID if possible. Wish to notify us of a product, complete this form. We'll reply with a link within a day or two.

For the latest updates and random PiCards, follow PiCosm on X @PiCosm4D.

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