Front of BzzzStop

Designed to be installed anywhere in about an hour, thanks to its built in batteries, the NetZero compliant BzzzStop would solve flaws with current on and off grid single 'pump' EV chargers, including:

Fig 1 - Concept video showing a BzzzStop installed on a seafront road in Worthing, England, near our design studio. Of note: The dynamic 3D environment demonstrates how our forthcoming PiCosm 4D Earth Digital Twin platform could be used to illustrate the impact of a proposed structure within a locality.

Front of BzzzStop

Fig 2 - Front of BzzzStop showing: Solar roof + rain water collection gutter. Twin battery bays with independent electronics to ensure continued operation if one should fail. Mini wind turbine. Payment terminal. A Tesla Model 3. Housing for multi-standard drop down charging cable.
The LED rings near the top of each support column provide approaching drivers at a glance energy levels for each of the two BzzzStop batteries - (Green = full, Orange = half depleted, Red = Requires charging.)



BzzzStop drop down charging cable
Fig 3 - The EV charging cable will drop down from an overhead spool, reducing the risk of a tripping hazard. The ergonomically angled payment + information terminal can be seen displaying a warning to those not planning to charge an EV in the BzzzStop parking space.

BzzzStop solar roof

The BzzzStop battery capacity will allow 3-5 vehicles per day to be charged with up to 30kWh at 50-150kW, approximately 100 miles of range in under 30 minutes. The angle of the solar roof can be adjusted during installation to face the sun.

Rear of BzzzStop
Fig 4 - Rear of BzzzStop featuring: Rain water collection tank. REKARRY® vending machine for dispensing UV purified rain water + all natural energy bars. HEYYU as digital signage for advertising. USB + wireless charging ports for mobile phones (Not visible). A wood bench for pedestrians and drivers to rest and socialise.

Rear of BzzzStop

REKARRY Vending Machine

Elevated view of BzzzStop
The batteries would be charged using the following methods:

NOTE: The solar panel and wind turbine will not deliver enough energy to provide anything other than trickle charging of the batteries. They will provide clean energy to the ancillary features of the BzzzStop via a smaller auxillery battery.

Constant telemetry will notify operator and/or the nearest charging truck (such as our forthcoming BzzzTruck) when the battery charge is low.


  1. If not nearby and visible, driver uses app to book a BzzzStop, or if the app senses the vehicle battery is low, the driver will be alerted to the nearest BzzzStop or other suitable charging point.
  2. Driver pulls into space. The robust crash barrier ensures that if the driver or other motorist accidentally collides with the BzzzStop, the vehicle does not hit and damage the batteries.
  3. Charging cable automatically lowers from roof spool
  4. Driver plugs cable into vehicle
  5. Payment can be made by the contactless terminal or app
  6. Driver exits BzzzStop
  7. If at an off grid installation a BzzzStop battery requires charging, a notification will be sent to the operator and/or nearest BzzzTruck or other mobile charging vehicle.





Capacity: 300 kWh (Proposed minimum)
Charging rate: 7.5-150 kW (Minimum)
Plug standards: CCS, NACS

Telemetry: Cellular or StarLink®, depending on location

Width (Roof): 6250mm
Height: 3000mm (Approx)
Depth: 3000mm

Solar panel energy output: 900 watts
Mini wind turbine energy output: 500 watts (at 18 knot windspeed)


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