BZZZSTOP Drop down EV charging cable

+ Flexible ergonomics for tablet / keyboard combos


Tired of trying out all those various iPad/Surface Pro/portable gaming console/Android tablet cases and keyboards, but never really hitting the sweet spot for comfort, in particular away from your desk?


chassY is here to adapt to your needs. The world's first modular stand for screens and keyboards, and the start of an innovative new product category from YAIR.


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+ Preserving your content likes


Keeping a long term record of your preferred books, music tracks and movies* is not easy due to the plethora of distribution mediums today, from physical media to streaming. Further, some content may be removed from subscription services due to changes in licensing arrangements and therefore cannot be relied upon to keep track of your preferences.

*Films, as posh Brits say.


The Like Logs from our PiCosm platform offers a proven reliable method to keep a permanent record of your content haves, wants and likes.

Movie Like Log browsing table

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+ Reducing product returns


For consumers, purchasers and researchers, obtaining accurate specifications for a product can be very frustrating. How many times have you had to perform multiple searches across the Internet to try to find accurate specs for the product you want - even from trusted brands own websites?


The Product Profile feature offered by our PiCosm platform is a great way to create easy to share, detailed, accurate and permanent profiles of your product(s).

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+ Leave me alone!


Sharing your contact, location, social media, web links and other details is fraught with security and privacy risks and can be fiddly too, such as when dictating a lengthy email address on the phone. Further, if any of your details change, you have to notify everyone.


By joining our privacy centric PiCosm platform, you get to choose a permanent numeric ID known as a Pi, short for Presence identifier. And it is all you will need to share. For your Pi is linked to your PiCard, a futuristic online visual profile / business card that consolidates all your contact details and social media links into one easy to share point of reference that you can update at any time. Your Pi is your everything

Your Pi represents it all

To protect your privacy, you can specify who sees what on your PiCard. For example, share your personal email and Instagram with Sue, but not Dave, and your mobile phone and home street address with friends and family, but not everyone ('public'). If you're a home based business, you may opt to share your landline, website address and town or city name with the public, but not your full street address.

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+ Food & FMCG Containers


Wasteful packaging and toxic plastics decimating life.


Our most important venture, REKARRY®.


+ Remote / Kerbside EV chargers


The majority of electric vehicle (EV) chargers are connected to the power grid. Although this provides a more consistent source of energy, installation requires digging up the ground and running cables from the grid - and that is if the local supply can support fast chargers, such as 350kWh. From an environmental point of view, there is no guarantee the power is generated from clean energy sources.


Although only a conceptual solution, in less than one man week, disatisfied with current offerings for remote or kurbside installations, YAIR designed the YAIRPORT 5, otherwise known as the BzzzStop. An off and on grid single EV charging port with built in batteries and a few additional innovations to encourage an off grid economy.

Long term, we envision the BzzzStop batteries being charged from larger local solar and wind sources and/or 'BzzzTruck' mobile chargers that YAIR are considering designing.

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+ Scenic & Landscape Art


Viewing scenic art on the Internet is not really as compelling as being out in the real world being awestruck by a stunning view or cityscape. That makes it harder to turn the art into sales due to limited traction.


Imagine being able to explore rural scenes and beautiful campuses and cities through immersive artwork. Online galleries and artists, rejoice!, for YAIR have developed core technology for THE ARTWALKER PROJECT (Artwalker.com), the world's first and only location based art platform that displays paintings of scenes near an art lover using their device GPS. Not only that, but they can navigate through interlinked artwork using our unique Navicon™ system.

Artwalker postcard

Painting © Miho Simunovic

The profiles of art lovers and featured Artwalker artists can be handled by the privacy centric identity management component of the innovative PiCosm platform.

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+ Device & UX Design


To GTD, you do not want to battle technology. From fiddly microwave oven buttons to so called productivity gadgets and computers, thoughtless industrial and usability design can be a barrier to progress.


We're on the (use) case preparing a small collection of electronics products that put design perfection first - invaluable uncreepy utility robot included. Beep beep.



We will be delighted to extend our design skills to your ventures. Get in touch!

+ Architecture for Wellbeing


Multiple studies have proven that poorly designed live or work spaces affect physical and mental heath. The majority of buildings are constructed to meet budgets, with little or no imagination or empathy applied during the design stage. Some homes even inherit elements conceived centuries ago. For example, small windows that let very little light in were introduced in England when taxes were linked to window size. Poor natural ventilation is another issue. Simply opening one or more windows may not be practical, in particular during inclement weather.


A Net Zero off grid existence is better for your health, reduces stress (say NO to unpredictable periodical energy bills), is better for the environment and inspires creative lifestyle choices. Our OKADIA design philosophy is being applied to ingenious SNAP™ modular architecture and connectivity technology that make next generation sustainable buildings viable, flexible and resiliant. Clever 24/7 thermal venting ensures the air indoors feels as fresh as it is outdoors - where there is no dust...

Best of all, the lower total cost of OKADIA SNAP over time is ideal for affordable and social housing, with dignity.


Proposed non modular OKADIA Principle building featuring large solar roof and Vortex wind turbines

How do we do it? By researching and experimenting with materials, solar panels, mini wind turbines, batteries, iOT (Internet Of Things) devices and other paraphernalia, so you don't have to.

Planners and property entrepreneurs, follow us on X @yairenergy to keep up to date with developments.

+ Vehicle interior ergonomics


Since the invention of the motor car, the main driving controls (throttle, clutch, brake, steering wheel, gear selector) were fortunately positioned correctly and the layout carried across brands, models and nations. The position of the steering wheel the only differentiating factor. Unfortunately, the secondary controls, such as lights, climate and others differ in position and operation, hindering safety and convenience. Further, with contemporary vehicles featuring sophisticated built in 'infotainment' systems, there is even less consistency. This is made worse by some inexcusable UX design, including within the latest EVs.

How often do you get in a vehicle belonging to a friend or rental company and spend the first few minutes familiarising yourself with the controls? And then when driving, panic when accidentally activating the wipers instead of the lights or cannot find the fog light switch? We won't discuss the horrors of proding infotainment system touch screens. It is just too painful.


Vehicle manufacturers, YAIR can offer decades of user experience design to help provide your customers a naturally intuitive and safe driving experience. We can also provide some enlightenment on driver assist and autonomous vehicle technology. All said, no matter the hope and hype, the latter is still a while away, therefore tactile manual controls still need to be considered. In fact, with drivers becoming less focused due to driver assist features such as smart cruise control & lane following, manual control layout and visual display clarity is even more crucial for safety.

If we can provide some guidance, navigate to our contact form.

+ Gaming Innovation


With some exceptions, video gaming over the last few decades has revolved around increasinly complex sports, 3rd person shooters and visually stunning but unoriginal fantasy. Every year or so each franchise is subtely changed, with little true difference. To be honest, we think it's getting boring.


YAIR'S Joy division is designing Fourier™, the visually stunning triple "Ah, wow!" first person multiplayer audio reactive experience, and DodgeRay™, an innovative energy beam deflection shooter. Titles that move away from samey samey to something original and compelling.

For PlayStation® first of course.

+ About us

YAIR is a multidisciplinary design and engineering company located on the south coast of England.

+ Strengths & Values

  • Clarity of vision + purpose
  • Thoughtfull functional design
  • Optimised engineering
  • A sustainable economy is the way forward
  • Stakeholders neither monitored or tracked
  • Less impersonal AI, more empathic humans

+ Crew / Partners

Alex (Pi 25 39)
Vision, Design + Strategy

Brandon (Pi 13 77)
Builder of worlds

Ryan (Pi 79 26)
Advanced web frameworks

Electronics hardware prototyping

Simon (Pi 64 38)
Sales + Business Development



+ YAIR Ware

chassY - Modular stand for ergonomic positioning of your tablet and keyboard

YAIR merchandising and downloads.

+ Community


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